Ariestess (ariestess) wrote in thefridayfive,

Back from the dead...

Well, I made an attempt 6-ish months ago to resurrect this comm after a long bout of RL issues. As is evidenced by the lack of posts, that didn't quite work out. Once again, RL issues snuck up on me.

But we're back and we're going to make it stick this time. I've been in touch with the other moderators to see where they stand on returning with the rejuvenating comm. But I' also going to open this comm up to some new moderator blood.

In other words, we want you!

It's been quite a while since we last made a request like this.

We have positions open for additional moderators for thefridayfive. Preferably we would like 2-3 people to add to our ranks at this time.

What does being a mod for this community entail? Depending on how many of our current mods return, you'll be responsible for 1 Friday every 4-6 weeks to post the question set for everyone to utilize. This can come from the suggestions post on either DW or LJ, or you can make up your own set. You can answer mod-type questions in your entries, or pass them along to me if needed.

As we have comms on both DW and LJ, we would prefer someone who has access to both journaling platforms, but that's not a deal breaker.

So if you're interested, leave a comment here or PM me with your interest.

Thank you!

comm owner
Tags: !admin, !admin: important announcements

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